3 in 1 Tower in dark grey
3 in 1 Tower in dark greytower in green11 piece personalized jewelry display11 piece cremation jewelry display for peoplePersonalized Men's DisplayWedding Personalized Jewelry DisplayBaby personalized jewelry display10 piece personalized pet jewelry display5 piece pet cremation jewelry displayPet personalized gifts for men displaydigital frame for marketing add onside view of digital frame

KP 3 in 1 Tower Jewelry Display- Personalized- Cremation -All-in-One Scanner!

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Wholesale Kin and Pebble 3 in 1 Tower Jewelry Displays: Personalized · Cremation ·  Plus All-in-One Scanner!
Actual display forms may vary.

Try our display for 120 days. If it doesn't help you get great add-on sales, return it for a full refund.

The 3 in 1 glass locking tower display showcases the best of our Personalized, Cremation and Pet Jewelry. Comes with light kit and an all-in-one scanner for capturing fingerprints. There is also an option of adding a digital frame! Digital frame shown on top of tower. 

Your choice of 3 displays from the following:

Personalized Jewelry: You will receive a combination of print, handwriting and photo jewelry on chamber or non-chamber pendants, rings or bracelet for a total of 11 pieces.

Wedding Personalized Jewelry: You will receive 11 of our most popular styles with wedding theme showcasing our personalized jewelry.

Baby Personalized Jewelry: You will receive a charming display featuring personalized jewelry with a baby theme for newborn gift ideas for family and friends.

Personalized Keepsakes: You will receive 11 of the latest styles of functional mementos like a pocket knife or money clip and wearable keepsakes like bracelet and cuff links.

Cremation Jewelry: You will receive our Classic Cremation Jewelry Display in a variety of 11 samples of our most popular styles including rings and pendants. 

Pet Personalized Jewelry: You will receive an assortment of 10 of our most popular styles in combination of chamber or non-chamber rings or pendants.

Pet Cremation Jewelry: Features an assortment of 5 of our most popular styles.

Pet Personalized Keepsakes: Features an assortment of 11 of our most popular styles.

Signage: Each display has its' own attractive signage in acrylic display. Signage may vary from photos and you will receive the most up to date layouts.

Tower Dimensions: 20" wide x 16" deep x 60"H

Allow up to 4 weeks to create.

fingerprint capture scanner device

All in one Scanner Device
All in one Scanner Device means no need to use personal cell phone.
Connects wirelessly using Wifi.

Includes all licenses and software needed. Allows you to easily send files to us.

*As of 2017, There are three states that have enacted biometric privacy laws: Texas, Illinois and Washington.  If you are working in those states you need to give them notice of what you are doing, how long you are going to store, and get their informed consent to let you store their biometrics.

The digital frame comes with remote control and a thumb drive with preloaded with slideshow of marketing images of jewelry options. 
Display are approximately 12.95" x 8.03".
Outer dimensions 14.29" x 9.6".
Pixel Resolution: 1280x800 
SD/USB card reader
Accommodates JPG,JPEG,BMP,PNG files and video.
Please note: photos shown without cord showing.

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