Kin and Pebble 8-Piece Personalized Jewelry Display- Baby
Kin and Pebble 8-Piece Personalized Jewelry Display- Babypart numbers shown for 8 piece personalized jewelry baby displayKin and Pebble All-in-One Fingerprint Scanner Tablet Device

Wholesale Kin and Pebble 8- Piece Personalized Jewelry Display- Baby

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Wholesale Kin & Pebble 8-Piece Personalized Jewelry- Baby

Actual display forms may vary.
Signage and jewelry pieces or designs may change without notice.

Introducing our 8- piece Personalized Jewelry Baby Display and optional all-in-one fingerprint scanner.* 

This charming baby-themed display features quality jewelry that can be personalized with the actual fingerprints, photos, handwriting and text to create stunning gifts or keepsake mementos. The cost of the pieces are subsidized by us when you purchase the display, therefore significantly reducing the cost when you buy the display. Allow 2 weeks to create.

Refer to product images for part numbers.

Try our display for 120 days. If it doesn't help you get great add-on sales, return it for a full refund.

Oval platform- 9.5"L x 6.5"W x 6.5" tall (including frame height)
Frame- 7.5"L x 6.5"H

fingerprint scanner tablet held in hands

All in one Scanner Device
All in one Scanner Device means no need to use personal cell phone.
Connects wirelessly using Wifi.

Includes all licenses and software needed. Allows you to easily send files to us.

*As of 2017, There are three states that have enacted biometric privacy laws: Texas, Illinois and Washington.  If you are working in those states you need to give them notice of what you are doing, how long you are going to store, and get their informed consent to let you store their biometrics.

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