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Personalized Multi-Tool Belt Buckle samplesPersonalized Multi-Tool Belt Buckle with handwritingPersonalized Multi-Tool Belt Buckle with foot print and textPersonalized Multi-Tool Belt BucklePersonalized Multi-Tool Belt Buckle 360 view 1Personalized Multi-Tool Belt Buckle 360 view 2Personalized Multi-Tool Belt Buckle 360 view 3Personalized Multi-Tool Belt Buckle 360 view 4Synch II Multi-Tool Belt Buckle pliers

Wholesale Personalized Keepsake: Synch II Multi-Tool Belt Buckle

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Product Description

Wholesale Personalized Keepsake: Synch II Multi-Tool Belt Buckle
Item Number: SOGMTB

A functional keepsake you can wear? This multi-tool can be worn with the detachable base as a belt buckle or simply clipped on a pack strap or boot. The face of the tool is engraved with your choice of print (finger, hand or foot), handwriting, text or combination. Synch II Traveler fits belts up to 1-3/4". TSA compliant so you can take this with you anywhere.

Tool features:

  1. Closed Length: 3.1"
  2. Lock Blades: Yes
  3. Lock Tools: Yes
  4. 3 Sided File
  5. Bolt Grip Channel
  6. Medium Flat Screwdriver
  7. Needle Nose Pliers
  8. Philips Screwdriver
  9. Ruler
  10. Scissors
  11. Small Flat Screwdriver
  12. Straight Edge Blade
  13. Wire Crimper
  14. Soft Wire Cutter

Generally ships 1 business day from the date we receive your print or other file.

How do I Collect Fingerprints? You may simply use any ink pad and plain white paper. Black ink works best. Begin by studying the thumb of the person whose print is being taken. Select the area of the finger (any print will work, it doesn't have to be only a thumbprint) that is the most interesting. It is generally the area on the pad of the thumb where the ridges swirl. This is the area you will want to ink. Practice taking prints on any blank white sheet of paper. Lightly touch the inked surface twice and then press downward on the paper. Use more of a tapping motion than a rolling one. When you are satisfied with the look of the practice prints, place five good prints along the bottom of plain white paper or a white card. If you need to scan your print- lay print flat against scanner glass (you may need to apply gentle pressure to scanner lid) scan at 600 dpi and save in JPG format. Please review your prints, if fingerprints look blurry at 100% on screen, you will probably need to adjust your settings. 

How to Submit Your Handwriting
Take a high resolution photo of the handwriting. For best results, make sure handwriting fills screen as much as possible without cutting off any letters/words. Make sure handwriting is in sharp focus.

How to Submit Your Prints
Place your order, then submit your high resolution digital file in JPG format to with order number. 

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