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Wholesale Personalized Petite Round Jewelry

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Product Description

petite oval with fingerprint on body

Wholesale Personalized Petite Round Jewelry
Item Number: PER-3862

This petite round pendant is the perfect size to adorn a chain or bracelet. Decorate the front or back with a fingerprint, handprint, footprint, handwriting or graphic. This pendant is too small to accommodate a photo.

Metal Choice: 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Solid Yellow Gold, 14K Solid White Gold, 14K Solid Rose Gold or Platinum.

Pendant Style: Choose from chamber or non-chamber style. Chamber pendants have a discreet inner compartment that is air and water tight when sealed with rubber gasket threaded-screw closure. No chamber pendants are generally thinner without hollow inside.

Front OptionsYou may personalize the front with a photo, fingerprint, handwriting, signature,  text, graphic or combination for a total of 1 personalization.

Back Options: Like the front, you may personalize the back with 1 personalization like a photo, print- finger, hand or foot, signature or graphic.

Lifetime promise! The print quality is promised for life. If the print quality ever degrades, we will replace the piece free of charge.

Dimensions: (Does not include bail at top of piece)
Flat: 12.5 mm round
Chamber: 12.5 mm round x 5mm thick

Turn around time:

  • Sterling Silver: 1 business day until pendant ships from the date we receive your file.
  • Solid gold or platinum: additional 4-5 weeks for 14K Solid Gold or Platinum orders.
  • Back engraving: additional 1 business day for engraved back

For quick processing of order: Label files with First and Last name of person being memorialized and indicate front or back if applicable. For example, "JohnSmithFront" or "JohnSmithBack". Make sure files are large- if they are too small, we may request larger (higher resolution files) and your order may be delayed. Complicated orders (several pendants with front and back personalization and many different prints or files) may be delayed if files are not named. A customer note clarifying what is to be on front or back of which pendant could help expedite order.

If emailing files- place order, then reply to order confirmation email and attach files. If files are not labeled- clarify in email what file is to be on front and which file is to be on back.                                                            

How do I Collect Fingerprints? You may use a digital fingerprint scanner. Or you may simply use an ink pad on plain white paper. A good print is the entire finger (or hand/foot) clear and complete with detail-no smudges. Take a digital photo of the print. Fill the frame without cutting off the print or getting to close it blurs. A sharply focused print with good lighting works best. Large images work best.

How do I capture handwriting? Take a high resolution digital photo in JPG format of the handwriting. Make sure the writing is crisp and in focus with good lighting for contrast. Large images work best.

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